5 x 5 Storage Unit
Space size: 25 sq ft. Ideal for storing contents like clothes, small boxes, toys, business records that usually fit in a closet.
5 x 10 Storage Unit
5 x 15 Storage Unit
This size guide is an estimate of what you may be able to store in your unit. Keep in mind, ceilings will be roughly 10 feet high, allowing you to stack items as well.
If you ever need a larger or smaller size than you think we’ll be happy to help you out!

*Prices subject to availability.*

Space size: 50 sq ft. Great unit size for storing items like clothes, boxes, toys, small furniture items, a sofa, chest of drawers for 1 small room.
Space size: 75 sq ft. This unit size can hold contents like sofas, mattresses, chairs, desks, computers for 2 small rooms.
10 x 10 Storage Unit
Space size: 100 sq ft. If you have a one bedroom apartment’s worth of contents, this size may be right for you. Store sofas, mattresses, chairs, desks, computers, boxes and more.
10 x 15 Storage Unit
10 x 20 Storage Unit    
Space size: 150 sq ft. This is a great size for things like sofas, mattresses, chairs, desks for 3-4 rooms.

Space size: 200 sq ft. Sofas, mattresses, chairs, desks for 4-5 rooms can be stored here. Business customers can store files, computers, office furniture and conference tables. 
Knowledgeable staff and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

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Unit Size 10 x 25
Space size: 250 sq ft, Sofas, mattresses, chairs, desks for 5-6 rooms can be accommodated here. Business customers can store files, computers, office furniture and conference tables.
Unit Size 10 x 30
Space size: 300 sq ft, and our biggest unit size.  The 10 x 30 can hold everything that a 10 x 25 can and then some.  
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Located at 1218 Westgate Drive in Leland, Leland Self Storage serves the storage needs of clients throughout Brunswick County.

Here at Leland Self Storage, we enjoy helping customers by being an extension of their home. We provide them the necessary space for their precious belongings. It is the greatest gift to know you have been of service to someone and have provided them with exceptional value. Our clean, safe & secure storage units combined with our outstanding personalized service make Leland Self Storage the clear choice for all your storage needs.

We pride ourselves in taking care of our facilities, cleaning daily, and making sure our facilities are functioning at optimum level. Many of our customers have commented on our beautiful facilities, inside and out. Our friendly customer service is what makes people come back to us for their storage needs. We have a wide variety of storage unit sizes from a small 5x5x4 locker to units being large enough to storage a 4 bedroom house. North Carolina is known for its humid climate. Most storage facilities advertise being "climate-controlled" but we are one of the few facilities that offers temperature control as well as humidity control in our buildings.

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