Storage Tips
*Use mattress and upholstery covers to protect sofas, wood furniture, and antiques.

*Your refrigerator would need to be emptied out and defrosted prior to storing it. To prevent odor, consider removing the doors or place charcoal inside a stored refrigerator or freezer!

*Even storage units can get cluttered, so for easy access into your storage unit, make a small aisle or walkway.

*And those things you’ll need frequently, plan to put them closer to the front of your storage unit.

*Remember, your storage unit has a lot of height, you can put a sofa on it’s end and stack boxes high.

*For photographs, put a piece of paper in between to prevent them from sticking.

*To make your boxes easier to lift, pack your lighter items like bedding linens in pillows in bigger boxes, and those heavy books in smaller boxes.

*Get yourself some plain packing paper to protect glass, vases or other fragile items. Some folks use newspaper, but the print can transfer, so get the right stuff.

*Scraps of cardboard come in handy – use them to pad the bottom of a box, especially if it contains fragile items. You may want to reinforce that box with tape several times and mark all sides as FRAGILE.

*Water hoses and other internal components would need to be removed from clothes washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators to prevent mildew and freezing. Prior to moving and storing these items, make sure you clean appliances and spray for bugs.

*Don’t take chances with your valuables. Keep plenty of bubble wrap handy as you’re packing. If it seems fragile, it probably is. When in doubt, wrap it up!

*If you have any other questions that we haven’t addressed, just give us a call or use the contact form and ask directly – we are here to make your move and storage experience as easy as possible.
Storage in Leland, Wilmington and surrounding areas.
OUR GOAL at Leland Self Storage is to be your one-stop solutions provider for all your storage needs! 

If you're in the Leland/Wilmington area, and you're looking for a storage unit option that is clean, reasonably priced and has all the best security features in the industry, you've come to the right place! 

Leland Self Storage is the newest self-storage facility in town. We feature over 75,000 sq.ft. of temperature controlled storage units in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. 

We know that moving isn't easy, so we've tried to think of all the ways we can make it easier on you. Our goal is to provide the best value to our customers: storage units that are impeccably maintained, with top-of-the-line security features and unbeatable customer service... an all-around solution for both business and residential customers. Please consider your storage unit at Leland Self Storage as an extension of your home or business. Our knowledgeable, friendly and courteous storage experts can tailor fit the storage needs for both business and residential customers. 

We offer a wide variety of sizes, from a unit as small as a coat closet to units big enough to fit furniture in a 4,000 sq.ft. home! Leland Self Storage is your one stop storage solutions shop. Our front office is fully stocked with boxes, bubble wrap, and a wide variety packing and storage supplies to make moving your personal and business belongings easier and more organized. 

So, whenever you're on the lookout for the best storage solution in the Leland/Wilmington area to keep your personal or business items, make Leland Self Storage your first choice! 
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